Securing an Industrial Space in Gandhidham

Gandhidham is an economic factor of production of Kutch and it is a rapidly growing city in Gujarat state. This popular city was named after Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation. 

Gandhidham is connected by road and rail to the rest of India. Kandla Airport is also situated near Gandhidham. Gandhidham is connected with two major ports of Gujarat: Kandla Port and Mundra Port. Transport Nagar, on the outskirts of Gandhidham is the hub of all major transport activity. 


The city consists of various commercial, industrial, and residential plots of land. The best and easily available transportation services are the main reason for industrial development in Gandhidham. Well- known industrialists believe this city has an immense potential of industrial and commercial development, with all primary facilities. The increasing demand for land in Gandhidham has led to tight competition in the Real Estate market. 

The following points highlight the trump card to secure an industrial space in Gandhidham.


  • Easy access to all kinds of services makes it convenient for industrialists to set up their business.
  • The city offers efficient gas connectivity, electricity and sufficient water supply. Most significant industries like textile, pharmaceuticals, chemical, petroleum, food production, and automobile are situated in Gandhidham. 
  • The Manufacturers are currently preferring Gandhidham to establish their steel manufacturing companies for bulk production. 
  • Consists of one of the finest Wooden Pallets manufacturers and suppliers. Wooden pallets are proven to be incredibly useful for transporting goods efficiently and safely. They protect the goods from getting damaged.

How to find the Ideal Warehouses on rent in Gandhidham?

We at Prakash Real Estate have been in the public eye for 21 years in the industrial real estate market. Being amongst the top leasing consultants, Prakash Estate helps clients to secure desired property in Gandhidham. Manufacturers and Industrialists often need the storage space for long lease. In Gandhidham, due to increasing demand it has been difficult to rent a warehouse or lease an industrial shed in Gandhidham. Prakash Estate provides required space for a distribution purpose, storage space for your items/ products in Gujarat


We provide customised industrial shed for long lease, warehouse, godowns, factory for rent in Gandhidham with high quality services. Our various features of property management solutions includes built-to-suit properties according to your business needs with all amenities. Our new PEB structured warehouses are easy to move and have the flexible leasing model. 

We have cost-effective plans which suit our client’s budget and at the same time fulfill their business requirements with safe operations. Our responsible professional team of experts has attained the vast network all over Gujarat, which foresee all information and facilitates our esteemed clients.