• September 9, 2023


India has experienced significant industrial development over the past few decades and is currently one of the fastest-developing countries.
Gujarat is a state of industrial importance that nurtures business and commerce. Supported by industrial-friendly laws, the state hosts major projects, pulling in higher FDI and GDP growth.


Numerous factors and varied sectors align to meet the consumer’s everyday requirements, these include agriculture,mining, metal production, chemical industries, commerce, construction and various services.


Consequently, to meet the production requirements of these diverse sectors, distinct types of industrial spaces are sought after. BTS ( built-to-suit ) is the most convenient and customizable industrial option in which the structure is built at the convenience of the company. 


Prakash Estate is the most reputed industrial service provider in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and offers optimal industrial spaces for rent in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, leveraging their deep insights and local market knowledge.


Unveiling-Captivating Advantages of Choosing BTS

Choosing BTS offers several benefits including ease of establishment, low risk, high-quality infrastructure, and customization options.

Listed below are some of the most noteworthy advantages of BTS.

The ease of establishing BTS

Different businesses have varying warehouse requirements. For instance, an FMCG business may need a warehouse system that can handle multiple orders at once. Meanwhile, a dye brand may require a warehouse with chemical-based safety features, as well as ample water supply and drainage facilities. Finally, a steel manufacturing enterprise would need a well-maintained storage space to keep both raw materials and finished products.

BTS provides various benefits to help achieve primary goals, including streamlining operations and enhancing convenience.

Adhering to these rising demands Prakash Estate offers the best BTS options, with their thriving presence in the industrial domain for about two decades, establishing a legacy of supplying the best warehouse for rent in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Low-Risk Factors and Quality Assurance 

The primary concern of any company is the anticipated risk factor alongside expected rate of Return on Investment(ERR). Modern and well-maintained industrial infrastructure is crucial for efficiency, safety, cost-effectiveness, and competitiveness in manufacturing. With BTS, the structure is erected within a matter of months, adhering to pre-agreed terms and conditions.


Prakash Estate, the leading industrial real estate agent in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is committed at delivering top-notch industrial service to their clients; with the inclusion of Prakash Estate, the risk of financial loss is kept to a minimum, owing to the effective handling of financial strategy, design, labor contracts, safety measures, and other relevant aspects necessary for the growth of your business. 

Premium locations and cost-effective solutions: 

In the world of business, the kind of industrial land a company requires varies according to specific goals and purposes. Storage and manufacturing operations necessitate straightforward highway access, electricity availability, gas, and water supply; import-export businesses gain advantages from being near ports. Prakash Estate ensures that clients get the best industrial land in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, that sustains and complement their business.

On-time Delivery:

Businesses face financial setbacks and experience delays in achieving their goals due to delay in the establishment of industrial infrastructure. BTS projects typically achieve peak efficiency within three to five months, ensuring swift and successful completion. No more delay at Prakash Estate! 

We believe in delivering industrial project in the optimal time duration at the the best possible quality.

What makes Prakash Estate a market pioneer in Industrial services

Prakash Estate with its 23+ years of experience is renowned as the best industrial land agent in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. With over two decades of experience and proficiency, we provide the client with the best market solutions. Prakash Estate provides almost all types of industrial services tailored to the client’s requirements, such as industrial sheds, factories, warehouses, BTS, and more. 

Our service base covers the major industrial regions of Gujarat, including areas such as – Sanand, Aslali, Changodar, Kheda, Chhatral, Sarkhej, Vadodara, Halol, Savli GIDC, Manjusar GIDC, Surat, Dahej GIDC, Ankleshwar, Vapi, Silvassa, etc. 


To unlock the premium service of the best industrial broker in Gujarat, contact us today!


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