Warehouse for rent in Narol

Secure Your Ideal Industrial Shed For Rent In Narol, With Prakash Estate As Your Professional Leasing Partner

Recognized as one of the largest, fastest-growing and highest reviewed property management companies and real estate consultants in Gujarat. Prakash Estate is a professional property consultant in Gujarat, we are experts in providing our clients with an industrial shed for lease in Narol and other areas in Gujarat.

How and Why is securing an industrial shed for sale in Narol an optimal decision?

Narol is the best location for having an Industrial shed as it is widely known for various industries and transport connecting to different parts of Gujarat.

  • Transportation is one of the benefits of getting a factory for Rent in Narol, as it is very close to Maninagar and Kalupur Railway Station. The area is also connected to the state highways, making it easier for the transportation of goods.
  • We also provide the best warehouse and industrial services in Pirana – located in Daskroi taluka of Ahmedabad. Various chemical, textile, and plastic fabrication industries reside here making it a favourable location for other industries to procure godowns for rent.
  • Widely recognized as the powerhouse of chemicals, Narol is one of the highly regarded industrial hubs of Gujarat.
  • Prakash Estate helps its customers to obtain the best industrial space for rent in Narol with its years of experience and vast network.

Why choose us?

Prakash Estate has 20 years of experience in industrial service. We are a professional property consultant specializing in industrial services like industrial land, agriculture land, industrial set up, industrial shed, factory and warehouse. We also provide factory leasing and industrial leasing in Gujarat.

Whether you require space for a distribution purpose, storage space for your items & products we have you covered. Our company prides itself in providing the best quality warehouse/ industrial space for rent to our clients.