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Get Your Ideal Industrial Shed For Rent In Vatva, With Prakash Estate As Your Professional Leasing Partner

Prakash Estate is a professional leasing company established in 2000 in Gujarat. We are a team of professionals specializing in factory leasing and industrial shed leasing in Gujarat. Our company is widely known as India’s largest consultant for warehouse space and industrial space in Gujarat. If you are someone that is seeking an industrial shed for rent in Vatva. Choosing Prakash estate as your leasing partner opens you to a plethora of possibilities concerning your search for an industrial shed for lease in Vatva.

Why is having an industrial shed for rent in Vatva stressed upon in the industrial market?

Vatva is a well-known industrial neighbourhood located in the eastern suburbs of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Home to many industries and efficiently equipped with smooth transportation, Vatva is one of the many industrial hubs of Gujarat.

  • Many manufacturing industries are located in Vatva like chemical, paint and metal fabricators that make it an ideal space for getting a factory for Rent in Vatva.
  • Vatva enjoys good connectivity of all the significant parts of Ahmedabad through important roads like Sardar Patel Ring Road, Narol Naroda Road, and Ahmedabad-Vadodara Expressway. 

Why choose us?

Our company specializes in providing industrial services like industrial land, agriculture land, industrial set up, industrial sheds, factories and warehouses. We also provide factory leasing and industrial shed leasing in Gujarat.

  • All our warehouses, godowns, industrial sheds and factories reside in prominent parts of the city, well-connected to major roads and areas of Vatva.
  • We help you find cheap warehouses and godowns on rent/ lease to meet your storage needs.

Looking for an industrial shed/ factory for rent in Gujarat, get in touch with our team of experts today!

Industrial Shed For rent in Vatva Ahmedabad