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Vapi is one of Gujarat’s major industrial areas and the city’s business environment can ease business expansion and growth. Investing in Industrial space for rent in Vapi will reap profit and good benefits along with an admirable Return on Investment (ROI). Investing will pay off with the right advice!; Don’t worry, we’ll help you with that.

Prakash Estate is a team of professional industrial real estate advisors that specialize in providing industrial services. We are the market leader in Vapi, known for our quality industrial products, like industrial land, agriculture land, industrial setup, industrial sheds, factories, and warehouses. We also provide industrial services like factory leasing and industrial shed leasing in Gujarat. We have a comprehensive list of industrial space in Vapi; our database of industrial infrastructure consists of 10000+ industrial sheds and warehouses all over Gujarat. Our range of industrial sheds and warehouses varies from 20,000 to 75,000 sqft. in Vapi.

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Why is having an industrial shed for sale in Vapi the ideal decision for you? 

Vapi is a municipality in Valsad district also known as the City of Chemicals. Vapi is one of the many leading industrial zones in Gujarat, commonly known for its chemical industries that reside and hold 70% of the industrial zone.

Strategic Location: Located on the border of Gujarat and Maharashtra, Vapi’s strategic location near the Arabian Sea makes it a more industrial-friendly location. 

Admirable Connectivity: Vapi Railway station is one of the major stops in the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route. Its well-maintained roads are an additional transportation benefit. Vapi also has its influence on its nearby villages like Karambeli and Tumb, helping them in their rapid development. 

Industrial Diversification: Vapi consists of the chemical industry, textile, paper, packaging, pharmaceuticals, plastic, rubber, and many more. The city’s environment is appropriate for nourishing almost all types of industrial manufacturing processes.   

Industrial Association: There are various association that works closely with the government, for the welfare and development of industries. 

These association helps MNCs or businesses to stand for any challenge faced by them.


Investing in an Industrial factory for rent in Vapi gives you even more benefits,  such as water facilities, fire safety, electricity supply, and various basic infrastructure. Our industrial space comprises all the facilities to foster business growth. Choose us as your professional property consultant and unlock additional industrial services with your factory for rent in Vapi.

Why are we the best allies in your search for an industrial shed for rent in Vapi?

Established in 2000, Prakash Estate has 20 years of experience in providing industrial services to many industries. Our firm is known for delivering best services with 100% customer satisfaction. Prakash Estate is India’s best consultant for procuring an industrial-space for rent in Vapi, Gujarat.

What factors make our firm market leader;

We help you find the best industrial sheds, factories, and warehouses in Vapi and across Gujarat.

We help you find cheap warehouses and godowns on rent/ lease.

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Our industrial structure is equipped with art-of-the-state facilities.

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Our team of Profess

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