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Are you seeking industrial land for rent in Ahmedabad?

Ahmedabad has witnessed significant industrial growth in the past few decades. The city`s strategic location and industrial-friendly environment ensure the growth and development of a business or an MNC. 

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Why is Ahmedabad perfect for Multinationals and corporations to set up their Industrial sheds?

Classified as a Mega City, Ahmedabad city is the commercial capital and major industrial center of Gujarat. 

Ahmedabad district, located in Central Gujarat, is an industrially developed district, having various types of large, micro, small, and medium-scale industries. A well-developed infrastructure, prudent industrial policy of the state government, and a peaceful industrial atmosphere have been the vital factors to get a warehouse for lease in Ahmedabad.

  • Diversified Industries: A large number of companies related to textiles, chemicals, machinery, metal products, pharmaceutical, engineering, plastics, electrical appliances, electronics, passenger cars, etc. are established in the district. 
  • Connectivity: Ahmedabad connectivity is well-planned and connects major metropolitan cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Indore, etc. via national highways; its interconnectivity is also strategically determined, as the riverfront ties the whole city together.  
  • Railway, Airways, and nearby ports: The city has a well-defined railway line, which eases the business for the transportation of goods. Ahmedabad has a domestic and international airport(Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport); the Nearest port proximity is just a few hours away, which aids the business in importing high-end machinery.
  • Basic Facilities:  All the Standard to basic amenities for the proper functioning of any industry or business are available, such as water facilities, gas, electricity supply, drainage system, fire safety, ventilation facility, and many more. In addition to these facilities, basic needs such as primary schools, health clinics, banks, playgrounds, etc., are available near the industrial sites. 

By choosing us, you will avail even more benefits in setting up your factory for rent in Ahmedabad.

What makes our company unique and helps us offer the best service in the market.

With our years of experience, we offer state-of-the-art services to our clients, providing them with 100% customer satisfaction. Our team of Professional Experts around the nation will help you procure the best industrial space for rent in Ahmedabad, as per one’s requirements. At Prakash Estate, we offer the best options in the warehouse and godown for rent in Ahmedabad. Our experts help our clients select the best option from variable sizes of 20000 Sq.ft to 5000000 Sq.ft of warehouse, storage, and godown space. Prakash Estate is well-known for providing unique build-to-suit warehouses to its valuable customers according to their needs. We have a vast inventory of over 10000 warehouses and godowns for rent/lease.

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