Industrial Shed For rent in Sanand

Expand Your Upcoming Business by Accessing the best Industrial Shed for rent in Sanand.

Gujarat is the hub for business, well-known for the opportunities it provides for growth and expansion as well as its diverse culture. Both the locals and the government provide and foster an atmosphere that enables industries to flourish. 

Sanand is the hub within a hub allowing access to spaces where your business can bloom. Also known as the “automobile hub of Gujarat”, it is one of the most sought-after real estate locations in Gujarat.

What makes opting for an Industrial Shed for rent in Sanand a reliable and smart choice?

It’s a fact well-known among industrialists that investing at the right location adds to the gains, and here’s what makes Sanand a great catch!

 Over time, Sanand has become a prominent center for the industry with the State’s policies including but not limited to tax benefits that added to its already existing natural advantages, such as proximity to ports. 

No doubt, companies like Tata Nano motors, JBM and Ford have constructed their manufacturing plants in this very advantageous city. Availability of steady infrastructure, ease of doing business and close proximity to ports are among the key triggers behind Sanand’s industrial appeal. These are just a few of the reasons that compel a business to choose an industrial shed for lease/rent in Sanand and adopt this place as the founding stone for their business.

Generally, renting is a smart choice as it requires a smaller upfront investment in comparison to buying, as you don’t have to provide a down payment or cover property acquisition costs. And, with the addition of pocket-friendly alternatives from our side to make your overall experience cost-effective, this becomes an even better choice for you.

What facilities make us stand out in the Industrial realm?

  • Access to basic facilities – Basic facilities like clinics, fire station, transportation and hotels are within the vicinity of the industrial site and thus, easily accessible. Easy transportation adds a plus to that.
  •  Prime locality – The industrial structures are at a close location within the radius of 100m from the main highways. 
  • Fire Safety – Safety is one of our topmost priorities and any and every effort is taken to prevent/tackle unforeseen emergencies. The industrial structures are well equipped with fire extinguishers, fire pumps, and fire-exits in case of an emergency. 
  • Road connectivity – The industrial structures are well connected with highway facilities connecting intercity and major states. 
  • Pocket-friendly services– We provide facilities that are affordable and cost effective without compromising on the quality. 
  • Exceptional quality of Infrastructure – All structures are equipped with modern amenities that keep them up to date with the fast-growing technology and requirements.
  • GPCB Approved – Most of the properties in our portfolio are Gujarat Pollution Control Board-approved which guarantees their quality.

Why Choose Prakash Estate?

With an experience of 23+ years, Prakash Estate has held its name as one of the notable industrial land agents in Sanand and provided affordable and reliable industrial services to businesses. Not only do we have an inventory of over 10000+ sheds and industrial warehouses, we ensure that the clients needs are met with utmost concern and dedication. From construction to financial strategy to liasoning and ultimately, the acquisition process, clients are provided the best service every step of the way.

 Our team of professionals are well trained and will help you acquire the best factory for rent in Sanand. If not that, we also have an abundance of other facilities including warehouses for rent in Sanand, Industrial/Agricultural land for sale and beyond. This extends to almost all parts of Gujarat such as Bharuch, Vapi, Mehsana, Ahmedabad, Bhilad etc. Prakash Estate thus acts as a platform that offers a one stop solution for all your industrial requirements or needs making it a reliable industrial land broker in Sanand

Get your desired industrial space that caters to your needs and is long lasting, one of its kind and eco friendly.

 So hurry, come get in touch with us and let your business dreams soar high!