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There are various kinds of Industrial structures; broadly they are classified into industrial sheds and warehouses. Don’t worry, we’ll explain the difference between Industrial Shed and Warehouse:

Industrial sheds – An place where the manufacturing process of a business takes place; this also includes office, labour quarters, and storage facilities.

Warehouse – As the title goes, the warehouse or storage facility is a commercial place utilised to store goods and raw materials. 

We at Prakash Estate understand our client’s requirements and assist them by delivering industrial space for rent in Gandhidham as per their need. 

Prakash Estate is a pioneer in industrial real estate in Gujarat. We have been providing service to our customers since 2000 and have been providing 100% customer satisfaction. We specialise in industrial services like industrial land, agricultural land, industrial setup, industrial sheds, factory, and warehouse for lease in Gandhidham.

Our industrial structure possess state-of-the-art facilities in the best locations of the city, providing great benefits to MNCs and Businesses. Our broad network includes Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Vapi. Our team of experts dedicates itself in providing the highest quality of industrial services.

Gandhidham: The perfect place for multinationals and corporations to expand their business

Gandhidham has become an important industrial sector of Kutch. Gandhidham, located 12 kilometres from the port of Kandla, and is one of the largest cities in the Kutch district of Gujarat

  • Kandla Special Economic Zone(SEZ):  Gandhidham falls under the Kandla SEZ. These zones are established to facilitate the businesses and attract more Foreign Direct Investment(FDI). Resulting in the city accommodating benefits from government incentives, tax breaks, and easy legal procedures. 
  • Proximity to port: Gandhidham is strategically situated near Kandla port. This is one of the main advantages when importing and exporting goods and machinery, it makes business easier and more viable to set up a factory for rent in Gandhidham, Gujarat.
  • Gandhidham is the economic capital of Kutch, and it is a fast-developing city in Gujarat. The presence of various settlements like Missionpharma Logistics Pvt Ltd, Hindustan Oils Industries, Hindustan Unilever, Ankur Chemfood Ltd, and Rusan Pharma Ltd makes the city the economic capital of Kutch.
  • Transportation Facility: Another benefit of owning an Industrial Shed for rent in Gandhidham is the transport facilities. Transport Nagar, an area on the outskirts of Gandhidham, is the centre of many transport activities. Kandla, a city near Gandhidham, offers water and air connectivity to Gandhidham.

How Prakash Estate delivers the best service in the Market

Prakash Estate is a top industrial real estate company in Gujarat. With over 23 years of experience, we help our valued clients start their businesses by offering the best factory for rent in Gandhidham. We provide industrial services such as:

  • Warehousing services 
  • Storage facility 
  • Industrial space 
  • Built-to-suit construction 

Factors that distinguish us from the other industrial consultants in Gujarat:  

  • We help you in Liasoning Process
  • Team of highly trained Professionals
  • Deep Market knowledge and thorough insights
  • We have one of the most extensive inventories that contain 10000+ industrial sheds and warehouses in Gujarat. 
  • Our solutions are low-risk and cost-effective. 
  • We have a great variety of industrial sheds and warehouses for sale in Gandhidham ranging from 20,000 to 35,00,000 sq. ft. 
  • Our industrial Sheds are equipped with standard to basic facilities such as a fire hydrant, ventilation facility, visitor parking, labour quarters, Office area, etc.

Enjoy these and many more advantages by getting warehouses for rent in Gandhidham with Prakash Estate.  

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Industrial Land for sale in Gandhidham