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Why is Ahmedabad the best destination to get industrial land?

Ahmedabad is one of the most important cities in Gujarat, known as an economic and industrial centre in Western India. The industrial history of Ahmedabad dates back to the 19th century, with prominent investments in the garment and textile industry. The presence of multiple textile mills in the city earned it the title of “Manchester of India”.

Here is why Ahmedabad is the best choice to buy industrial land:

  • Great transportation facilities: Being a central location, Ahmedabad offers some of the best transportation facilities. With a well-developed road network, two railway stations, and international air connectivity.
  • Land of opportunities: The economic centre of Gujarat, Ahmedabad has ties not only to its neighbouring cities but also with national business tycoons like Mumbai and Delhi. The city houses offices of many multinational companies, providing a diverse market to industrialists.
  • Well-established industrial sectors: The ever-developing industrial sector of Ahmedabad lacks close to nothing. Industrialists get access to resources such as water supply, electricity and gas. Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation in Ahmedabad ensures the safety and well-being of all the industries registered with it.

Data of Land available:

  • We are specialist for industrial land and agriculture land / industrial plot available land 20 acres to 25000 acres with good amenities like water, power, electricity and other connectivity

Why is Prakash Estate your number one choice?

When you are looking for an industrial land broker in Ahmedabad you would naturally be looking for a genuine and well-established consultant who has expertise in industrial and agricultural lands. You don’t have to look anywhere else; Prakash Estate is all that and much more!

Established in 2000, Prakash Estate has become one of the top real estate agents for industrial and agricultural land in Ahmedabad.

Services we offer:

  • Our team consists of highly skilled individuals with knowledge of every aspect of industrial and agricultural real estate.
  • We are a pioneer in industrial real estate in Ahmedabad, specializing in industrial shed and warehouse and industrial land for sale in Ahmedabad
  • Prakash Estate is a reliable industrial land consultant in Ahmedabad.

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