Industrial Shed For rent in Surat

Acquiring a Premium Industrial Shed for rent in Surat is now Easier- Unlock Your Businesses True Potential, Today!

What if we told you that procuring your desired industrial shed/ factory for rent in Sanand is way hassle free then it seems, and that there is a specific reason why it is so. Oftentimes people forget that the quality of aid you choose also matters when trying to find the right industrial space for your business, and at times find an incompatible industrial real estate consultant, a recipe to failure and dissatisfaction. Find the right industrial structure for your business with one of the most-compatible industrial real estate advisors Prakash Estate. 

Established in 2000, Prakash Estate has 22+ years of extraordinary experience dealing in industrial property consultancy. We provide expertise in industrial land, factories, godowns, warehouses and industrial/ agricultural/ NA land . Our premium services are not only limited to Surat but pans all across Gujarat. Getting an industrial shed for lease in Surat now easy with Prakash estate by your side.

What convinces MNCs and businesses to procure an industrial space for rent in Surat?

An industrial hub full of opportunities, Surat is the eighth largest city in the state of Gujarat and the largest industrial hub after Ahmedabad. It is a focal point for the diamond and textile industries in the country. Also recognized as the silk hub of the country Surat is on its way to become the first smart city in the county by the Microsoft CityNext initiative. The city is now also hailed as the top commercial and economic centre of southern Gujarat.

The key highlights of the city are:

  • Transportation: What makes or breaks a good location to set up an industrial space is the ability a location offers, for the import and export of goods. Surat with its carefully planned and well connected roads, highways is one of the optimal examples for a location that MNCs and businesses would grab upon the chance to set up an industrial shed. Complementing the already existing well planned road system, is the availability of one of the largest seaports in the country and the second busiest airport of the state. Get the full benefit of transportation convenience by establishing your business in Surat.
  • Crucial amenities: The other core aspect that draws in industrialists from various parts of the world is the twenty four seven availability of primary amenities such as water, gas, electricity 365 days a year, and some of the best drainage systems that people very easily lose focus from.

Government cooperation: A dream for industrialists worldwide is the upfront invitation and support of the governing body with its linenancy and ease in liaisoning with businesses looking to set up their establishments for greater heights.

Services that Prakash Estate offer that make procuring an industrial shed easy:

  • Extensive inventory of 1000+ industrial spaces and factories for rent in Surat
  • 22+ Years experience
  • Liasoning Process
  • Start-to-End Assistance
  • On-time Delivery
  • Build-to-suit services
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Warehousing services
  • Storage facility
  • Manufacturing purpose
  • Storage space
  • Godown

And many more services that are catered especially for you.

Prakash Estate has an excellent team of expert employees who dedicate themselves to providing the best to clients from across the globe. If industrial sheds are not your cup of tea and are on a search for warehouses for rent or industrial land broker, we are the one for you. 

Say no to set backs with the most compatible industrial real estate consultants in Surat and obtain the right industrial space for your business.