Warehouse for rent in Bharuch

Get Yourself a Compatible Industrial Space for rent in Bharuch, With Prakash Estate as your leasing Guide

Planning to expand your business with the aspiration to reach new heights. Are you looking for an industrial space to meet your expectations? Then worry no more for we are here to aid you procure your ideal industrial shed from start to finish. 

Prakash Estate is one of the top industrial real estate and property management companies in Ahmedabad, Gujarat that excel in providing expertise in accommodating clients with premium industrial services like industrial sheds, factories, warehouses, godown, industrial/ agricultural/ NA land and pre-leased properties for rent, lease, buying or selling in Gujarat.

Why and How is Investing in an Industrial Shed for rent in Bharuch Beneficial for you?

Located near the banks of river Narmada in Gujarat, Bharuch is a developing city and the administrative headquarters of the Bharuch District in Gujarat.

  • Bharuch  at present is one of the most heavily industrialised areas, not only in Gujarat but in India as a whole, with many large chemical plants producing fertilisers, paints, dyes, cotton, textiles, and dairy products, bringing in quite a few MNCs and businesses to set up their industrial structure there. 
  • One of the other core reasons Bharuch is also this advantageous to industrialists, is due to the presence of Gujarat’s largest liquid cargo terminal, for all your import and export. It is not only limited to ports but also connects to the rest of India, by National Highway 8 (Mumbai to New Delhi) and by the Western Railway Division of Indian Railways. The nearest airports to Bharuch are Surat and Vadodara, at a distance of about 72 kilometres making it ideal to possess an industrial shed for sale in Bharuch.
  • Nothing beats the convenience of a hospitable environment, but the cherry on top of it is when you find a good support system that brings forward the true potential of what you are capable of. This is the role played by large Indian and multinational companies, like the Torrent Group, PepsiCo International, Guardian Corporation, Hitachi, Heubach Colors, Zydus Cadila, Cadila HealthCare and Survival Technologies, present in Bharuch. These supporting industries are also one of the core reasons that make possessing an industrial shed for lease in Bharuch optimal. 

These are the core aspects that make possessing an industrial shed for lease in Bharuch an optimal choice for industrialists and MNCS.

How do we help you in Procuring a Factory for rent in Bharuch?

Prakash Estate is a professional industrial property consultant, established in 2000 with an experience of  more than 20 years in providing industrial services crucial for the smooth functioning of industries. Services we provide:

  • Flexibility: Renting an industrial space provides you flexibility in terms of location and space requirements. You can adapt to changing business needs by renting a different property or adjusting lease terms.
  • Cost-effective:  Renting typically requires a smaller upfront investment compared to buying, as you don’t have to provide a down payment or cover property acquisition costs. With the addition of pocket-friendly alternatives from our end to make your experience cost effective.
  • Good Inventory: Prakash Estate possesses an extensive inventory of 10000+ sheds and industrial warehouses. The industrial spaces are available in variable sizes from 20000 sq. ft. to 7500000 sq. ft., per our client’s needs.
  • Built-to-suit: Get yourself a customised industrial property catered to your specific visions and needs with the use of premium, durable, and environment-friendly materials. Get your desired industrial space in your desired location, sizes and prices.

Gift your business with the opportunity to grow and utilise its true potential alongside Prakash Estate, the most reliable industrial real estate consultant in Gujarat!